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As promised to Sarah Tucci, Steven Maki, and more - The "Victim Bashing" page is now opera

As I stated in the comments on my introduction video on YouTube, I have created a place for the comments of the victim bashers that felt the need to not only call me a liar, but names, and make outrageous claims like they speak everyone that knows my abuser. The fact that I have an inbox full of messages to the contrary aside, these are examples of the stereotypical babble that this written and verbal flailing consists of.

I have always found myself at the center of gossip and chatter in my home town. Potential reasons aside, this victim bashing is a completely different beast. The speed in which the comments were posted, the rage behind some of them, the accusations and "logic" they use to connect their dots, and then even attacking my husband for standing by my side, has all truly left me in awe. Taking the last one for a moment, it's as if these people don't think that a significant other, one with the title of husband at that, should stand by the side of their spouse. That's mind blowing to me. What do their relationships look like?? When they go on a first date, is it more akin to hunting than dating?

I don't know. I hope I never truly understand it. I feel that something has to be off for the reasoning center of the brain to "misfire" like it must to be able to make these comments and an understanding of it brings me entirely too close to it than I care to be.

I guess I'll wrap this up with a message to my audience and the survivors and victims of domestic abuse. If you find yourself facing attacks like this, just know that your attackers are sick. If someone was physically ill near you and accidentally vomited on your shoes, you would see it as the uncontrollable reflex it is. Sadly, the bashing is the same. They have either witnessed it, struggle with empathy because of it, have their walls up and don't want to believe bad things happen to good people, or some other form of psychological defect or survival tactic. Even if it's deliberate, it likely stems from an unconscious knee-jerk reaction deep in the neurological framework dating back to childhood, prior abuse, or some other negative experience. Unfortunately, you and I are the ones left dealing with it, but whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

If you yourself have evidence of this victim bashing and care to share here, feel free to email me the images and I can redact all identifying information from them and post them here to further educate people on just how deep this goes.

For those interested, click here to check out the new page and to see the vicious comments posted on my YouTube.

Thank you all for reading, sharing, and subscribing.



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