This page discusses another hurdle in the very real, continuous, daily struggle of the victims of domestic abuse and other crimes of all kinds. Victims are not just left trying to find new ways to live their lives as free from the cloud that the horrors they endured have left them standing beneath as they can muster in the moment. Instead, in many cases, like myself, victims are also left facing their abusers' supporters, whether friends of their abuser, or just those that can't face the fact the victim really is just that, a victim, that they weren’t a contributor, and that the victim actually didn't deserve it.


People that blame us for being victims make outrageous claims like we allowed it to happen so it must have been wanted, we wore a certain type of clothing so clearly it wasn't rape, or some other nonsense as they try to justify and make sense of the senseless crimes we suffered. When, in reality, bad things do happen to good people for no reason other than the perpetrator just wanted to do it. 


Through this page, I aim to show just how real and rampant the issue of victim bashing is. I will post images of comments I have received that embody the very essence of victim bashing here. Some of them will be from my abuser's friends and supporters, and others are supporters of different abusers and criminals around the world. Furthermore, I will have a comment box here for the bashers themselves so they can help educate the rest of us through their displays of judgmental cowardice, giving us a glimpse into the reality of this unfortunate, unforgiving, and disgusting pandemic.

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To my bashers themselves, I feel sorry for you. I really do. I can't imagine what events lead up to your mindset allowing you to act the way you do and say the things you say. I also feel sorry for your other victims as I doubt I'm the first and the last of them. I guess let's just agree to disagree. I take great pride in sharing none of your opinions or character traits. It's not just something that "happened" and now I am merely happy with the result, it is an active and continuous goal of mine.

Furthermore, you are not my audience. I am not trying to "convince victim bashers that they are wrong." I have been clear in my goal from the beginning - helping those suffering and healing from the effects of domestic abuse. If you find yourself in the rare shoes of Very Terry, someone that's been abused and is still victim bashing, I hope that I'm helping the abused person in you. I sincerely do. As for the basher, I can't claim to understand why or how you are capable of it and, instead, will choose to ignore that side of you. I hope healing the abused you helps heal the other. 3d.png
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