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VIDEOS OF THE WEEK (WEEK(S) ENDING 2.23.2020) - And Some Other Stuff

I've been known to make an entrance from time to time.

If you are here, it's likely you fat fingered while driving in your email app and got me instead of that "upgrade your phone" offer from your provider, but as you're here, I'm going to dazzle you with news. lol I can only imagine how that first gif threw you off if that's actually true. "Verizon? Wtf is this??!?" Which I'm sure quickly changed to.... "alright, you have my attention." lol. Anyway... as I'm off in the weeds here

allow me to course correct

wrong swerve lol.

So, Lou

He landed a movie deal and we bought an island... so... it's been real

But seriously, that dog looks just like him. Crazy! Well, in the little face, anyway. But for real, he's doing well. Like SO WELL. We couldn't have anticipated this kind of uptick. Granted, he has a personal chef (me) and is hand fed by Tanya, so it's not without sacrifice, but we're thrilled it's working. This is a real picture of him from Sunday when we were packaging up the last of the giveaways.

And then he covers his wittle face

Oh, and Eeyore says hi

And if you didn't catch that, that means that if you won something, it's now officially in the hands of the mail gods. May they have mercy on your makeup.

Anyway... now, in Tanya news

She's down for the count. She was just truckin' along all high on life and all that jazz, when BAM!

flu just came out of nowhere all

and she did what she does

And I did what I do

Anyway... she saw her doctor on Friday and it's officially a flu, so it's officially (because everyone knows doctors don't make mistakes) viral, so there are no medications she can take.

Drugs said no to HER!

She just has to ride it out. She's been sleeping all day for 3 days.

She's a mess... So naturally, I mess with her whenever possible

But she wanted me to tell you she's ordered JSC's newest palette (for the Gina video), and it arrives Tuesday, February 25th. She's got a backlog that's eating her alive, not the least of which is the new Viseart Avignon palette. And in case you didn't know, it's a limited release of curated shades for the NY Fashion Show used at Badgley Mischka that was only available directly from Viseart for the weekend it launched, only. Now, since then, they have brought it back and she NEEDS TO

get it up just in case people want to see something about it to make their decision before it's gone. She also has the new Too Faced Born This Way collection, and a bunch of new Covergirl and drugstore makeup she's been sitting on. So yeah, her obsessive mind is probably making her sicker, and by "probably," I mean

To which I say

Great job, babe. Great job.

So, the thing we set out to do in this blog post, a day late at that...

the videos of the week (well, two weeks) from oldest to newest!

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