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The not so honorable, Kurt Rhodes presiding. I have summoned you here today to discuss some urgent matters. The first of which, there is a new video up. It bestows thee an explanation to the Queen's absence.

Furthermore, this is not her Majesty's first video since her return to the Tube. There is this one

and this one

also. Why that order? It's a long and boring story I will spare you from, but rest assured, it is recognized that it did not go up in the order that would have made sense. Take a moment to self-five.

The update Where I've Been video will explain the next few weeks and how she will be going to approach filming, so I'll spare my non-readers (not judging)

from reading more than they would otherwise appreciate, so check that out when you get a moment.

And last but not least, and Tanya cannot stress that enough, she bought the Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Collection and will definitely be filming that when it arrives. So, regardless of what she's doing when it gets here, it will jump to the front of the line in priority, blowing past anything to do with me, as soon as it arrives. She has made that clear.

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