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First things first

Alright, I'm ready now. Let me start by saying that I hope each and every one of you is safe and has not had anyone you know, let alone LOVE, come down with this thing. Let me follow that up with an apology for taking this long to get this thing out there. We have had people emailing checking in on us and I recognize that I really should have updated you guys as to what was going on in our neck of the woods. This community is so awesome, so caring, and so thoughtful, and we can't thank you enough for checking in on us. Let me reassure you, we're doing fine. No one I know has been hit by this either. Though, I worry about my friends and family in the medical world, there have been no confirmed cases among them as of yet.

The fawn family on the other hand, I have no idea what's going on with everyone. I know we have people in this amazing community from all over the world. Some places seem like they have been absolutely decimated, while others struggles are more about finding toilet paper and have had to go to some creative lengths to meet the demand. Allow me to introduce you to Peggy, my dealer.

Thanks, Peggy.

The cleanliness of my trap door aside, how is everyone out there? I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering and hoping you are all safe. For that reason, and because I'm not a big fan of social media for a number of steadily increasing reasons, I have created a page on this site where we can all check in with one another. The link is You can feel free to post anything Coronavirus related on there like news links and such. I'm not going to pull a facebook, YouTube, and "big brother" and filter things I don't agree with or anything.

Not that I'm thinking that's likely. I'm just saying "post away!" but the main point of it is to have a place where we can all check in and share stories about how we're handling this unprecedented stick in our spokes, and get back to taking this thing off of sweet jumps getting like... 3 feet of air 🤣

I just love that movie. 😂

And now for a quick update on Tanya and the channel... right after a word from our sponsor... THE NEW

Where we went from this

to this

"stopping fights by emptying shelves... Walmart."

Tanya has made several attempts to film, but with everything going on, she's been under a little more stress than usual and has been struggling with her RA and headaches. As you know, the beauty lights are intense, and she simply can't sit in front of them when her head isn't playing along. She hopes to be up to filming today, but we're not sure how this is going to go. I would say today's weather is currently all natural outside. As the day moves along, we'll likely see the Throne come out early afternoon, with a 70% chance of Glam moving in by this evening.

As for the day's activities

spray the 💩 out of everything

and remember...

Stay tuned for our next giveaway because it's going to be crazy!

And for now...



Fiona Cohen
Fiona Cohen
Apr 13, 2020

So happy you guys are doing well! Love and miss you! Will be looking forward to the next video! Tanya dont force yourself if you're not feeling well love! We all love you and know what you're going through and understand!!!! We will be here when you're feeling better happy to watch your content!!! You're so strong I admire you a lot! Xoxox


Karina Reyneke
Karina Reyneke
Apr 02, 2020

Hi guys, how are y'all doing? I tag myself and my loved ones safe. It has not been easy. Luckily I am still able to work from home, though work is slow as a lot of our clients have closed for lockdown & only some remain operational. Hubbies company also only respond to call outs & their offices are completely closed. We only go out to buy essentials once a week & sanitize each item before bringing it into our home. Whoever went out has to sanitize via shower, clothes are washed immediately, etc. We are currently on 21 day lockdown and on day 7. 1380 infections & 5 deaths. However, our rural areas still buzzing as people are ignorant…


Allie Kinghorn
Allie Kinghorn
Apr 01, 2020

My results came back positive for COVID but I’m over the worst of it! Just wanted to let you guys know I’m okay 💕 much love!!


Thanks God that you and Tanya are doing Okey. I've absent on your updates since im too busy. We go back and port to hospital since my husband health is not doing good. He has chrone desease, and thats make me worry more because i dont like going to hospitals while this virus is too dangerous. Hope this crisis will be end soon. Hope you feel better too Tanya. Take care of your health.. Godbless #fawnfam. Stay safe.


Anita Holmes
Anita Holmes
Mar 25, 2020

Every time I click the link for the Corona virus page it won't work. Is it happening to anyone else


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