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At Home Spa Experience - FOREO UFO 2 Review

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Perhaps more apropos, I should say "At Home Spa Experience 2.0." After all, the UFO was already that. This? The UFO 2?

Tanya Feifel-Rhodes sitting in her chair holding her UFO 2 from FOREO Sweden

This little lady isn’t simply an upgrade, it’s evolution meets revolution. I don’t know how they do it! Coupled with the Farm To Face masks, it’s like instant results, only faster.

When FOREO Sweden told me they had a new version of the UFO coming out, I have to be honest, my first thought was, “Why?” The UFO was a HOME RUN! What could you POSSIBLY do to improve this thing? Well, they sure showed me!

Blue FOREO SWEDEN UFO 2 and Farm to Face Masks on a pink background

The list of upgrades is bonkers: The rate of infusion of ingredients that go into your skin, obviously a key factor in skincare, is now even greater. Equipped with Thermo Therapy, Cryo Therapy, 8 LED Light Therapies, and 10,000 Pulsations per minute, my year and a half old love affair has now hit obsession overdrive.

I guess this answers the question, “Who out there can beat FOREO?” Answer: FOREO. But what do you expect from a brand that’s been shaking up the beauty industry since day one? They’re responsible for a large part of my favorite part of the day. Spa day, every day.

Okay. You all know me and my face masks, but you also know me and my love of animals and their world, the environment. When I use the typical sheet masks we all know and love, as I have and still do, there has always been a part of me that marvels at the amount of waste I’m producing from it. With FOREO, I get to add, 'guilt free' to my spa experience. The box of masks is so much smaller than your average sheet mask box size, but you lose nothing in the size reduction.

It’s not even like it’s “just as good” as the big masks, it’s better! Most masks can only penetrate the first layer of your skin (I know acids in skin care can. I’m referring to hydrating and detoxing here), and while wonderful, it's only part of the solution. However, when you load FOREO's into the UFO (or any other sheet mask), you get REAL penetration power masked in a beautiful warming effect, like a truly relaxing spa-level experience.

Tanya Feifel-Rhodes sitting in her chair using her UFO 2 from FOREO Sweden

When using a mask that utilizes the cryo (cold therapy) too, it helps to firm, tighten, and minimize the appearance of pores on no makeup days, and also making it a perfect makeup prep step. I love the cryo masks in the morning because it’s so invigorating. It’s a great way to start your day, especially if you have a hard time waking up!

Then there’s the T-Sonic (transdermal sonic) pulsations that give a facial massage at an incredible 10,000 pulsations per minute. Not only is it so relaxing and enjoyable, but it also boosts your skin’s radiance and relaxes your muscles, which relaxes wrinkles & fine lines. It further facilitates the absorption of the masks, which boosts the efficacy of the mask ingredients, and it even helps with dark circles.

Yeah, like I said, SPA-LEVEL treatments in the privacy of your own home, without the fast food levels of waste.

Not to mention, the at home spa experience has never been more beneficial than it is today. With both having to stay safe at home and being required to wear masks, we are not only damaging our skin more than ever before, we are also, in many cases, cut off from the spa. Being able to get an amazing treatment at home in as little as 90 seconds… can you hear that?

I say “as little as” because I go longer that. I always like to do at least two rounds. I might be a little extra!

Germaphobe? Me too! Rest assured in the fact FOREO uses medical grade, ultra-hygienic, antibacterial-resistant silicon. Sound complicated? Fancy maybe, but not complicated. All you have to do is rinse it under warm water when you’re done - it's waterproof! I have never referred to myself as low maintenance, but I will take it where I can get it. And they don’t just take the complication out of cleaning it. They really do ease the minds of skin care newbies by removing the hurdles that often accompany branching out into unfamiliar territory. For instance, it’s super soft, safe to use around the eyes, and both travel and ergonomically friendly – trust me not everything is. Despite my nails and my severe rheumatoid arthritis, I have NO issues holding it, cleaning it, opening or loading the masks! Nothing. They did an amazing job! Then when you add the app to the technology packed UFO 2, it does everything for you.

Wait, technology? Apps? Ahhh. I’m so not good at that! Yeah…. Neither am I. I could tell you story after story after story. My husband does all of that for me on my phone. I’m serious.

But don’t worry. Like everything else, FOREO also made this easy. Regardless of your level of technical agility, you will have no issues. My mom, a woman in her seventies that has NEVER even sent one text message in her whole life, uses hers every day without issue. Are you still hung up on the text thing? I know… I still struggle with it.

So, if you’re thinking, “Okay, the experience is wonderful, but what are the results?” I like to think they speak for themselves. My skin is brighter, clearer, more hydrated, has a nicer bounce to it, & is plumper than it’s ever been. But not all the benefits can be seen. I also feel more confident in my own skin and I find myself having more makeup free days, which is even better for the skin!

Skin care is SO important, but so is self-love. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend making 2020 a year of self-love. As skin care is self-love investing in one of these IS investment in loving yourself. Make yourself the priority you deserve to be. Take care of that beautiful skin. You won’t regret it!

It’s never too early to start either! Once we’re in our 20s, we start to lose everything vital to our skin – collagen, elasticity, peptides, ceramides and the list goes on. If you don’t already have an established skin care routine, there is no time like the present! And the UFO is just the tip of the iceberg in the FOREO lineup. They have an array of products that will give that new routine of yours a healthy jumpstart.

Pro Tip: If you use the LUNA 3 cleansing device first, it sets the stage beautifully by eliminating that barrier of millions of dead skin cells. That way when you transition to the moisturizing, rejuvenation, and revitalization steps of your routine with the UFO 2, it's penetration power is amplified that much MORE. This power couple, a legend in the making, nets you out of this world results in a truly spa like masking experience.

Tanya Feifel-Rhodes sitting in her chair with FOREO SWEDEN's UFO 2 and LUNA 3


Also, with Clarisonic closing their doors, FOREO SWEDEN is offering a special on their LUNA Facial Cleansing Brushes RIGHT NOW! This is a reliable way to ensure that you get to properly cleanse and exfoliate your face, washing away the dirt and germs known to cause breakouts. Achieve spa-level cleansing, at home, and a firming massage, with no need to ever change out cleansing or massage heads! It’s even great for the environment!

They have many different LUNA’s to choose from and different ones for different skin types as well, so I think you’ll find something that will fit your needs! Just follow the link below (it is an affiliate link but it’s the only way to get this deal!) XO

*All links in this post are affiliate links*

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krystal floods
krystal floods
22 Tem 2020

This is a fantastic review! I remember when everyone was being sent the Fereo I wish I had one but now I really wish I could get one! One day 🤞🏻

Your reviews are always so detailed and I love it! I hope your doing good, sending you lots of love ❤️


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