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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Well, this sucks. I should probably change the title to "Video Of The Week." Well, I guess let's get this out of the way. Here it is:

The Tanya update part of this post is the "why" behind there just being one video. She has been a mess since getting back. Though, I guess that's not entirely accurate as she was a mess the entire vacation too. Here is Tanya's week in one gif.

Okay, two...

Outside of the extremely pressing giveaway video, she hasn't been able to film. This isn't helping her vibe any. She's depressed, overwhelmed, annoyed, fed up, etc. She has a few doctor appointments this week, and we hope they have some good news for her. We shall see. This backlog of hot new releases not being filmed is driving her

You get the point. She's been sleeping pretty much this entire time. For real. She has made a couple of attempts at deviating from that, all of which have failed. As I'm sure you can tell, she's not even been liking and hearting comments. It's not simply "under the weather." She's a mess.

This next part is to the international winners of the 23 winner giveaway.

I'm just kidding. lol I mean, no, this DOES suck, but here's an explanation. First off, all this is due to frickin' perfume! How in God's holy name that is possible,

But here we are. So, I now have my DHL express account, but this is how I'd have to pay that bill

It is insanely expensive! So, despite the first DHL lady telling me that DHL only has Express, and me telling her that makes no sense as no other shipping company works that way, her doubling down and assuring me Express was IT, I have found out that they offer something called DHL Forwarding. Here's the best part. When you call the number, select 1, 3, then 1 again, it rings and hangs up on you... EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I emailed my DHL Express contact that got me set up there (in just a measly 3 weeks at that).

And I bet you can't guess what he said. Because...

Yeah... no reply. I'm now, as in today (Sunday, January 12, 2020), trying to use parcelmonkey to see if that allows me to get these things out.

Now, to the winners of the 25 winner giveaway. There is no perfume in this one, so we should be able to get these all out to you, both international and domestic, as soon as Tanya is up to the task. Please bear with us.

Lastly, I'd like to address the giveaway process. Specifically, I'd like to take a poll as to how many people had issues with either of the last two giveaways and did not contact the helpdesk to ask for help. If that's you, and you wouldn't mind telling me what the issue you were experiencing was and why you didn't contact me, I would really appreciate the feedback. Sincerely, I really want to know.

For some background here, I'm asking because someone left this YouTube comment:

"In all fairness, I feel the need to respond. I personally had an issue with step one. so did several others that I'm aware of because I shared this on my Instagram page with others. I waited days and tried it again and all the same results. It allowed me to proceed with all the steps but it didn't tell me the words that you said it should have. I figured since it allowed me to get to the other steps that your system was just glitching and I continued on. The same thing happened like I said to several others as I was contacted on my page about it. I apologize for the late response as well as I have been in and out the hospital too. I also was never acknowledged we're taking the time out of my very busy day to create a post to let people know about your channel on Instagram as well as you too. I'm all about supporting another woman. This is about empowering one another. Although I am new of about a year-and-a-half to two years to Instagram and YouTube, I am still learning but I have to say that I really felt I had never had a chance because I was never even acknowledged on Instagram. I hope you take this not as an insult but as a learning experience. I will not be unsubscribing as I wish to learn from you. Like I said, I attempted to help you boost your numbers and support you in every way but I was totally not looked at. Several people, commented about having the same issue on step one. That being said, I really do hope you take this as a learning experience and understand that we did try, we are not stupid, however when your husband States it's supposed to say a certain thing on step 1 but it doesn't and takes you to step 2 and so forth we should be at least allowed in the contest. I hope you get to feeling better I just got out of the hospital myself and that is nothing nice to have. Have a blessed day and I wish you nothing but the best. 😁"

I replied to the comment on YouTube and even addressed it privately on IG. We have corresponded privately since. Essentially, she had an issue with step one. She took to her social media and has heard from others, at least 15 of them according to her, that had the same issue with step one she had, and none of them decided to message the helpdesk.

To be clear, that is what the helpdesk is for. I don't expect this many people entering a giveaway to go off without a hitch. At all. That's why I put the link to the helpdesk on the page to begin with. To my understanding, I've been able to timely resolve every issue that has come in. If for some reason you disagree with that, and you have experienced something other than a timely resolution, please feel free to correct me here. You can reach out privately at if you would prefer.

She claimed she was never acknowledged on IG either, and that is just beyond bizarre. Tanya tries to at least heart everyone that tags her. That's her intention anyway, and to her knowledge, she's not missed anyone. Keeping in mind that her hands don’t allow her to type much on her phone because she has Rheumatoid Arthritis and they start to hurt quickly. Typing is particularly bad, more so than other activities that require motor skills. Most of you guys seem to totally get this, and we appreciate your understanding. Occasionally she’ll reply with something short when people talk to her on her photos, but she doesn’t do it on giveaways as there are hundreds of people reposting hundreds of times. But a like is just a tap, and to her knowledge, she's doing it to EVERYONE that tags her always, not just with these giveaways.

What's more disheartening, is this is someone that Tanya handpicked into the 40 activity based finalists (if you watched the video, you know what we're talking about), but due to part one not being completed and no helpdesk email submitted, she didn't make it into the final 13. So, Tanya not only noticed her, she chose her as a potential winner.

Now, I know you have only seen this YouTube post and have not been privy to the IG conversation, but the bottom line is Tanya is being accused of ignoring the "little people" (whatever that means), not acknowledging followers efforts on IG, and essentially rigging the giveaway so the newbies can't win, all of which is untrue. I hope that goes without saying.

She said, "I also was never acknowledged we're taking the time out of my very busy day to create a post to let people know about your channel on Instagram as well as you too." She follows that up with, "I'm all about supporting another woman. This is about empowering one another," and even "I attempted to help you boost your numbers and support you in every way ....." This seems nice on its face, but then she says, "I have to say that I really felt I had never had a chance because I was never even acknowledged on Instagram." So quickly it switched form supporting Tanya and women in general to having a chance at winning some free 💩.

Not that there is anything wrong with entering to win some free 💩but Tanya doesn't do this to give things away. She does this to give back to her supporters, people she's come to know, really like, and even love. She can't make everyone a winner, despite wanting to, and her many attempts to increase the number of winners with each new giveaway.

But for real, it's disheartening to get messages like this. As you know, Tanya has the next 3 giveaways already planned, and the logistical headache these things are already aside, she's now far from excited about announcing them. Not that this one individual has detracted from all the wonderful feedback she's received, the joy she gets from hearing how much the winners loved their gifts, and how much she loves having the opportunity to share all this beautiful stuff with as many as possible, but it does suck.

As humans, I think we tend to give a disproportionate amount of weight to the one or two negatives that spill through the array of positives, but regardless of our natural tendencies, these types of comments are disheartening.

And when we talk about the amount of effort that goes into these giveaways, we're looking for sympathy. We want to give back! Tanya loves these things!! But with all that they already are, to get messages like this from people, just sucks. Like I said, we took this private and it escalated.

Anyway, in an effort to ensure everyone has every opportunity to enter the giveaway and win some great stuff, for those of you that have feedback on our giveaways, we would love to hear it. Good or bad, suggestions, your experience, and of course, the original question, if you had issues on the giveaway and chose not to write the helpdesk, what was the issue and why did you choose not to contact the helpdesk? If there is something I can do to alleviate the repetition of this, I will do everything I can to do so. I, for the life of me, can't figure this one out, but I also really, truly want to understand.

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