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Quick Lou & Giveaway Update

Tanya's a hot mess

about this whole Loubie thing

and she has been abundantly clear about her ability to film right now

So... it looks like there is a bit of a delay here

If you're kinda... all...

Shake it off

Here are some statistics. As you can imagine, we had more USA entries than anywhere else, BY FAR. However, we had 5 international winners on 4 different continents. We have a double up for Europe.

Now... with that, we are going to have to find a better way to ship internationally.

5 winners all over the globe here,

So, if you know of a RELIABLE, affordable, trackable shipping company, let me know. Right now, it's looking like DHL from what I can tell. I know NOTHING about them, though. If we ship this via FeDex, UPS, or USPS, we lose either affordable, reliable, or trackable (sometimes more than one) depending on which one we go with. I need all three.

none of this

lots of this...

These blog posts are somewhat time consuming, so I'm going to post updates and changes here and let everyone know when there is an update via twitter.

Did that sink in? Actually click that, so you get what I'm saying. I don't blame you for wanting updates, I'm just trying to do them more efficiently (time friendly) and in something longer than a tweet.

As for Lou, he is doing much better, but still isn't home with us. That is the part that is killing her.

Apparently, at least the short of it anyway, is Lou has an infection. No clue how it started, totally random, and unrelated to his PLE issue. The good news, he's going to be

so, get on twitter, people (click me)

but sign up for the blog too. When I have time, I can do so much more with these posts, and you wouldn't want to miss them.

for reading... and til next time...

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