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Giveaway Final Hours!! And Some Other Stuff

Just wanted to send everyone a quick reminder that we're entering the final 28 hours of the giveaway. If you know anyone out there, or see anyone for that matter, that's a make up lover, don't be afraid, say

and let em know someone's crazy a$$ wife is having a FREE Sephora liquidation event


There are so many winners, it's more like a frickin' speed limit

than a giveaway. I mean, since I was 12-years-old, 23 has meant ONE thing to me...

and now... well, let's just say that's all changed

Anyway, before I become an internet GIF

let's move on here.

For those of you out there living with the "new YouTube alert system,"

thrilled beyond measure they don't run our Amber Alert system,

Tanya's uploaded three videos, other than the giveaway, that have gone up since her comeback, and one is going up in the morning. So, consider this your alert

But I got a little something for you here

Tanya's found

as in

That's right....



replacement products which are also


So naturally, I was like

and sure enough...

So if you need some

in your life, it's gonna be a

I mean, sure....

but more importantly,

But for now, ladies and gentlemen, I'm


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