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Druuuuuuuuuumroll PLEASE! We Have A Check In!

Though it's probably more like

or even

It's definitely been a minute.

Unfortunately, Tanya's been stuck in this loop...

Hint, she's on the left. It's been a crazy few months of one thing after another, but I think it's starting to regulate itself now, and

I hope we are through the hiatus here, and Miss Thang can finally get back to some videos. I'll spare you the details on her medical progress here as the specifics could be 3 blog posts on their own, but to summarize it for you, she's doing ok. Migraines and insomnia are the worst of it right now with other things that pop up here and there. She is just coming off a 14 day migraine (yes you read that right), but has been prescribed a new drug that is supposed to be magic for them, so

On a side note, how about the Jaclyn Hill drama??!?

While I'm sure no one is particularly shocked that the launch came with drama, like me (Kurt), you must be at least a little shocked about the extent of it, right?? Can anyone say

Anyway, for those of you that don't know what's going on with her new lipsticks, "Good morning, welcome to 2019. I will be your host for the next short while." lol I've got some videos here that will get you all caught up. And for those of you that DO know about the drama but haven't seen any of these videos, you should definitely check them out. I recommend them in the order posted:

Great background, but you have to read it as Tea Spill doesn't speak for some reason??

Then this one was one of the first big (at least ish) YouTubers to cover it, and she does some pretty cringe worth stuff with a microscope. Definitely a good watch.

Her "apology" and "explanation" video. When you see it, you'll know why those are in quotes.

Tea Spill's response to Jaclyn's "what had happened was..." video. Again, with Tea Spill, you have to read it.

This one is 2 parts funny, 8 parts terrifying... or was it 98? You get the point.

These next two discuss the "receipts" (why we don't use the word "evidence" in the beauty community, I'll never understand) that Jaclyn posted in her "apology" video. The first one is done in an unusual format that may or may not be for you, but please bear with it and listen to the facts. A lot of this I noticed and found on my own. Yup, I was watching Jaclyn like, "Uhhh...

Just to be like

and it's all

lol and it is some really good stuff. With the second one, the host may or may not be for you, but again, some good info regarding the brand's link to Morphe. I know


Video 1

Video 2

And I know you're all impressed on how quickly I transitioned from Tanya's health to Jaclyn's...

But I'm good like that. No Austin Powers here

I can turn on a dime

So, on that note, I say

with a hardy

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