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Blast From The Past

Yup... you read that right!! We're still here! I can't believe how long it's been. I have been running around like a mad man trying to get everything on my plate done, and I must say, with every check mark on the To-Do list,

I add 3 more empty boxes.

But, this isn't about ME, I'm sure you're here for Tanya. I mean, they're somewhat related. With her being out of the game, I’m up ten fold... or at least it feels like ten fold. She's at least doing better with each passing day, but with her auto immune issues, it's a slow recovery. She's had some liver tests come back a little troubling. Her followup is in two weeks to see if those are related to the surgery and will pass with time or if they are much more serious than that. We both, including her doctor, tend to think it's just in the wake of surgery. So, partial thumbs up??

This extended healing time has resulted in much more sleep than I've ever seen her need/take. It makes my louder chores a little tasking, but she's sometimes even sleeping through those! She's wiped. Let's just say, she won't be grocery shopping anytime soon.

We did manage to get everyone's winnings out to them. We have had several emails/message from people that they received them and loved them. We're both so happy that you did. It took us a couple of days to box those up because she could only sit with me for short periods of time. And, of course, I had no clue what I was doing and needed her for that. It felt good to get some of the Pink Inc to do list accomplished, albeit a mere drop in the bucket.

I know for a fact she has some videos (from two months ago) that she's going to try to edit and get up as soon as she feels she can do it without jeopardizing her stomach at all.

She is officially out of the "belly brace" altogether!! Gotta celebrate those small victories.

On an upside, we have been plugging along at other aspects of Pink Inc as well as an entirely new vision of Tanya's too. This has been going on now for about a year. We're that much closer and have had several fairly significant milestones in the recent months pertaining to those. It's kind of exciting. When things are a little more concrete, we'll fill you in as to what she has up her sleeve, and we hope you're all as excited as we are!

If I were to guess, and I've been known to

I'd say you're a couple weeks out from her comeback debut. Here's to hoping!

In the meantime

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