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Tanya Update - Day 2 Post Surgery

First of all, for those of you counting, yes, I'm a day late on this. To you I say,

When you're done gloating, feel free to continue. I'll wait.

Now, allow me to retort.

uhhh... so... like... I was rubbing her neck yesterday (she's had some pain on the left side of her neck since the surgery) until she tapped out.

That was about 530pm. I had to go get one of the kids at 6pm from the school. It's a 7 minute drive. I felt like taking a 15 minute or so nap. I'm pretty exhausted too. Naturally, in true male fashion, I set my alarm for 550. 3 minutes to get up, dressed, and out the driveway is PLENTY.

It's almost shameful excess.

Anyway, when I get back I just CAN'T keep my eyes open. Oh, and for those wondering if I made it on time, no. I didn't. I was 3 minutes late. My daughter was out front like

You just can't teach this generation patience. I mean, really?? You're so hard pressed you have to sit there in your Jordans, in a heated room, with your delicious gatorade, playing Fortnite on a phone that is 136 times more powerful than the computer that got me through undergrad. Not to mention has 10 MILLION movies on it you can stream. When. The. %#&$. Ever. on your unlimited data plan - all from the power of your pocket!!!!

I mean...

But I digress. Back to my issue...

I text the kids "I'm going to rest my eyes. Leave me alone if you want to live." lol Okay, the first part was true, but you know full well it was only half the story.

And now it's today.

Sorry, no climax to this tale. In my defense, I never claimed it was the next Jane Austen story. It's just "what happened." On the Tanya front, I must say... she REALLY loves those dogs. Like... REALLY loves them!

Or is that thing a cat? Let's just pretend we all agree it's a dog.

I say that because other than them jumping all over her stomach and her writhing in pain, she's actually feeling better today. It seems to be one of those standard "gradually feeling better as time progresses" things. Yesterday was even a headache free day. Today, not so much, which is kind of indirectly my fault.

I ran out yesterday to get a bunch of weird pillows to see if any of those would help support her abdomen and "apparently" the way I gave them to her caused a headache.

You try to be nice! lol Okay, that wasn't it. But it does look like the one that supported her abdomen the most, also put a strain on her neck.

Well... it seemed like a good idea at the time.

She's now back in bed, heavily medicated, and surrounded by her favorite belly bouncers. So, for now, I'm going to use this time to get to work. Thanks again for all your messages. You guys are wonderful!


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