• Kurt


Well ... that just got REALLY real.

Tanya is officially in surgery... and... apparently, Spiderman is officially in the building?

Or maybe it's ON the building? Orrr.... in AND on? All up there EYE ballin' ME

Like I'm a piece of MEAT or sumpin'


I'm just playin'. Get it, Spidy!

Clearly, there's a lot going on here at U of M Hospital today. On a side note, the day is obviously pretty

to begin with, but get this!!! I go up to someone in scrubs and ask, "is there a Starbucks in the building" all like...

And they said...

(even typing this I'm all like...)

... "No, but we do have an Einstein Brothers."

Then... as the dust settled....

I swear.... I could hear my heart...

Now sure... a big part of my...

.... stemmed from the fact this building should have its own zip code it's so massive

(and this picture does NOT do it justice), it's a hospital so OBVIOUSLY 24 hours, there has to be 100,000 employees in here, and... yet... they DON'T HAVE A STARBUCKS!!! That being said... the REAL...

...moment was more that they genuinely thought the presence of

ACTUALLY solved the absence of...


And I swear they thought I was going to be all...

Or even...


In fact...

Anyway, 4 coffee free hours and counting! I mean... I am drinking brown liquid that claims to have caffeine in it

But it's just not the same...

As for Tanya, knocked out or not, I'm SURE she's counting too. I know THIS much, if they delay her breakfast any longer than that, they might find THEMSELVES on the OR Table! Lol

Anyway... Thank you all for the well wishes and kind words. We love you guys. Truly. You're amazing. I'm going to adult this Starbucks sitch


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