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Issues With Yesterday's Blog Post - You're Not Crazy

Hey, Fawns!! Sorry for the back to back to back blog posts. Especially when 2 of the 3 are about failed tech.

However, many of you were having issues with yesterday's post about my filming chair because you somehow were ending up at the "new blog," the supposedly updated, better version of the "old blog" that my website host created. In reality, while pretty, it's complete...

...and has a long way to go. So, everyone that ended up there had every right to be confused as it doesn't let me put in the blog half the things I need.

So, I've taken care of the old blog...

... so no worries there. In the meantime, if you want to go to the old blog (the good one that doesn't SUCK), then here you go, click here to go to yesterday's blog post in the "old blog," or here to go to the page with all the information regarding the filming chair. For those of you that don't care about the chair, keep on...


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