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Update On Tanya

Hello, everyone. We have received quite a few inquiries as to Tanya's condition, and an update is long overdue. My apologies again for leaving people hanging. It's one of those situations that you just get so wrapped up in that you forget about everything else going on. Now, that being said, I don’t to imply "We forgot about you all." It’s more about the, "oh, I need to write a blog" thing that just hadn't kicked in. I've even had conversations with a few of you via text/snapchat about her current condition, and it still didn't prompt a blog post in my mind. Furthermore, her health situation is extremely volatile. One day it's much better and things seem to be on the mend, then the next day it's a total derailment full of pain and vomiting.

Anyway, with that being said, here is how things are presently. Tanya is doing much better than she has been, however, that isn't saying too much. The progress is all over the place, like I said, and she's just not been able to really get her footing. We have been to ER several times, she's had a CT, ultrasounds, multiple X-Rays, been to a handful of specialists, is still on the waiting list for other specialists, and so far we haven't been able to pin point anything.

There are still some test results pending that could be the answers we've been looking for, but at this point we have no reason to believe they will be. We have been coming up with zero for so long, it's hard to stay positive. We know full well that there has to be something that someone will find soon, but so far, our best chance is with today's appointment. That's what really sparked this post. It just got me thinking about how all we do anymore is see doctors and just how long it's been since she has filmed. Then I thought, wow, "comments!" I haven't been on that at all. That's when I went to go check the comments (something that hasn't been part of our life much the last 3 or so weeks), and that's when I saw all the inquiries and realized, "wow, I can't believe I haven't done a blog post." SO SORRY!

On an up side, the tests that haven't revealed the issue, HAVE revealed that a few big, scary possibilities are not the issue and have been joyously eliminated from the sea of potential. Thank god! So, there has been some good news and relief, at least emotionally, during her down time to date. It's the outright answers as to what it is that are lacking. Whatever it is that she has, it's getting better, and she is more comfortable than she's been. Sure, that comfort level has ups and downs, but the bent over double in agony downs seem to have passed. She's also spending a lot of time sleeping now. The meds she's on have been knocking her out. When she comes to, she's super sleepy, groggy, and not up for much of anything. Then, to just add to her plate, as we don't know yet what caused it to begin with, we also don't know if there is a huge relapse right around the corner at any given moment, you know?

So, for now, we're really hoping today is the big day with this new specialist. For those of you looking for updates, I might just throw small ones on Twitter and periodically do the big ones on here. Does that work for everyone?

Regardless of how today goes, you know as well as I do, she's going to be in front of that camera AS SOON AS she's able to sit up and talk for longer than 15 minutes.

Thank you, everyone. I hope life is treating you all well. She misses you terribly, and, despite her downtime, has some really big news to share with you all, so stay tuned for that!

Again, though, seriously, please don't hesitate to message me if you are just dying to know what's going on. I understand. I really do. Again, I just get so wrapped up in it all, it slips my mind. Not to mention, sadly, there isn't much to say. We still have no clue, an ETA, or anything of any substance to share right now. I also know, that anything is better than nothing when you're in the dark. Regardless, you have the inquiry green light. I swear!

have a great labor day weekend (if you're in the USA), and just plain ol' weekend in general, if you're not!

P.S. full acknowledgment that my gif is a tad odd for MY sign off... but you get the point


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