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Follow Up On Tanya’s ER Visits

Ok, so... let me start off by saying, “Tanya is ok.” There has been an outpouring of concern which goes to show just how amazing you guys are. Thank you for all of it. Sincerely. You all sure know how to make my wife feel special. That being said, please don’t worry. Tanya is overall, especially as far as “life threatening” things are concerned, fine. The super scary part is over. Now it’s just a significant discomfort. Enough to ruin your day, but fortunately “just” discomfort. Tomorrow is another day of appointments and we are hoping that she can soon put all of this behind her... for good. While we don’t know yet and want to make that clear that we sincerely have no clue, there is hope that she could be filming again as soon as this weekend. As I said before, she really is chomping at the bit to do so. She misses you, misses being behind the camera, misses not being in pain, and misses her whole life really. It’s been one painful day after another. Some more emotionally than physically, and some vise versa. Hopefully it’s almost over. Thank you again to everyone that has reached out, for all the kind words, and for being so incredibly supportive. I hope everyone has started out having a great week so far. Have a great night, everyone!  

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