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HVAC 1: Tanya 0 - Comeback In The Works

Story time!! So, as I'm sure you've noticed, Tanya has been absent from posting the last few days. Why? Well, let me tell you all about it. We had a scorcher of a day here in central Michigan on Thursday and accordingly had the AC cranked in the house. Then, all of a sudden...

Followed by a noticeable change in temperature. Like... REALLY noticeable. Like "nudity" and "profanity" kind of noticeable. You get the point. However, why do you care? The filming studio is SO HOT under the lights that the AC has to be working for Tanya to be in there longer than 30 consecutive minutes. So, coupled with YouTube's nudity policy, not a good combo for filming. Therefore no more videos.

Fortunately, this happened about 2 pm making my first thought, "at least they're still open!" as we all know these things have a tendency to happen at 8pm on a Friday. That being said... the joke's on me. While they may have been open, apparently, we weren't the only ones with issues as come to find out later, they were extremely busy that day. When I called, it just rang out to voicemail - no answer. I hung up and called right back thinking maybe they were making a call at the exact time I called them and we just passed each other so to speak. Nope, voicemail again.

Fortunately, our HVAC people have an emergency line. Instead of waiting for a return phone call, probably something they really don't appreciate, I just called the emergency line. No joke. It was too hot for patience. Someone answered right away, and he told me they would TRY to get someone out TODAY, but it will likely be Friday morning. They said they'd call a half hour before showing up, so I should feel free to go about my day.

Naturally, we evacuate the sweat box in a calm and orderly fashion.

But... you guessed it!! No phone call. Instead, we come home to a tag on our door like Dumb and Dumber.

Naturally, I'm thrilled.

I call them back to see if they can come back out as it was their mistake, we play phone tag, and when I finally get someone on the phone, he tells us we're going to have to wait until Friday morning. He said they will be out between 9 and noon. Not a terrible window, but get this... They'll call us first.

So, Thursday filming is out. Day 1 down. After a FREEZING night (for those of you that know Michigan in the Spring, this is not a shocker), Friday morning comes, and we hear a phone ringing instead of a door bell ringing. Hmmm.... odd.

They say they can't make our previously scheduled time, and how does "some time after 12 work?" Like I have a choice?? Right. Note, they did not say "sometime in the afternoon," but rather "some time after 12." I know 12 is noon, but they said 12, not noon. So with what they said and how they said it, I was under the impression it would be like 1:30 at the latest sort of a thing. Likely before 1 even, but they just weren't sure about a possible late lunch or something. I mean, "sometime in the afternoon" leaves a much larger window. Maybe as late as 5pm or something. You know what I mean? I think it was deliberate, and they knew exactly what they were doing.

I get a call at 3:30 saying they are about an hour away. Ok, kudos on the phone call, bro, but seriously??

I guess that's filming day 2 down now. Not to mention, the freezing evening made Tanya's RA in her neck seize up... amongst other seizing. The neck is so bad as it triggers migraines, but I'll get to that in a bit here. Back to my phone call. So, I end it with "the sooner the better" and we finally get the guy here around 4 pm.

Now, none of this "tude" is about the actual technician. And honestly, while frustrating, most of it is done for humor and relatability (not an actual word). I'm sure we're not alone here in how this played out. For instance, Cable TV anyone?? So, the guy gets here, breaks the whole thing down in 20 minutes and tells me the blower motor is out. For those of you that don't know... that's this big bastard.

That explains how the AC, as well as the heat, was affected. I was thinking the motherboard, but no. It was a blower. Good news though!! Our's is bigger than most, so the "universal" one he has in the truck won't work for us.

Seriously?? He then says, "it's okay though, these aren't that hard to come by. I'll call the distributor, and I might be able to get it today and come back tonight. No matter what, he'll call though."

So... now it's Saturday and no call. And by "no call" I mean not last night and not Saturday so far either.

Day 3 of filming down. Now it's Sunday morning. No call yet, so I finally text the guy, and he texts me back saying he's waiting to hear back from the distributor, but it'll likely be Monday at this point.

Now it's Sunday night. I get another text. The distributor is getting it first thing in the morning (Monday frickin morning!), so he should have it just after ten and he'll be here right around 11. Day 4 of filming down.

Now it's Monday and I'm writing this. I would have updated you guys sooner if I had known it was going to take this long, but in contractor fashion, I was updated like windows Vista - late, without warning, riddled with false promises, and full of future problems.

But, at this point, I do have some good news. We have taken care of the old blower.


And now for the bad news... after he installed the new one, nothing kicked on. Back to the drawing board.

After 20 minutes, we need a new motherboard!! So, the good news is, I was right on that! The bad news is... I was right. On. That.

He called the distributor....

Turns out he has the part, it's coming up from Detroit today just for us, and he'll get it in tonight. The jury is still out on that one, as you can imagine, but we'll keep you posted right here. Either way... day 5 down. She's hoping to be back tomorrow.

Until then... stay fabulous, people!


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