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Bad News Bears

Alright... that's where Tanya's at right now, so I'll take over. Hello, everyone. This is Kurt. And let me start off by saying, "Kurt feels Tanya's pain." Today has definitely wiped its ass with my face. I have lost. This is defeat. I give in. Sigh... Allow me to explain...

I guess, first off, this nightmare of a day has lead to the creation of "The Newsroom" - a new page on the website for videos that are not on YouTube that are too long for Instagram and Snapchat. They will usually just be some quick news sort of items. Similarly to the short blog articles I throw up but in video format. In an era where Newspapers are filing bankruptcy, Blogs are becoming Vlogs, and people's phones read them what's on the screen, I thought I'd embrace the "a picture's worth a thousand words" statement and trump it with some video. Our blog doesn't have a direct video feed so you will just click a button and go to a page.

This is the first test of all o' dat. I'd love any feedback below if you would like to share. So, without further ado, I give you The Newsroom - and some shitty news.

#SiteUpdates #Newsroom

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