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Site Update: The Much Anticipated & Highly Requested "My Husband" Page Has Been Update

Me writing this blog is like Van Gough (I know, modest, right? Lol) painting a picture of himself naked at school on a billboard on i96 (for those of you not in Michigan, that is a major highway). You know the dream we've all head. The one where you wake up and you're standing in the middle of the hallway at school right as the classroom bell goes off. Yeah... well, my billboard is complete.

Correction, as I built the page as she has ZERO web design capability to date, I guess actually putting that page together was more like the above analogy. Writing about it in this blog to let everyone else know about "my billboard" is more like me screaming from the hallway, "Hey, everyone!! Check me out!!" Or, in today's world, sending a Snapchat, or Instagram living it lol. Smh. Anyway, you get the point.

Sure, she does say some nice things about me. I will give her that. As for the rest, you will soon see what I mean. She did allow me some creative insight. I mean, after all, who knows ME more than ME??! Right? So, that was kind of her. #sharing #communication #relationshipgoals Not to mention, as she needed my help to put all this together, I may have taken some liberties with the title of this blog post. Anyway, on that note, if you have some time to kill, check it out by hitting the big ol' button below. Enjoy!


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