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#fawnfamily Facebook Group

Good evening everyone! I hope for those of you not driving or working, the night has delivered you a long step glass of red wine. Okay, maybe I'm just day dreaming about what I wish my evening had in store and projecting onto you. Either way, I hope this blog entry finds you all well.

For those of you that don't know, Elyn Janes, one of your fellow fawns, set up a facebook group where the fawnsquad can talk amongst each other; share ideas; their love for make up, beauty, and each other; and hopefully make some great friendships. It just dawned on me today that I didn't advertise it on the site. I have since implemented it into the footer on the desktop/tablet view:

As well as mobile view:

If you haven't joined, you're really missing out on some great fun and some wonderful exchanges with like minded, positive individuals like yourself. As indicated on the website, a very special thank you to Elyn Janes for putting the group together. If you want to hand a shortcut out to anyone to join, I set it up as and it'll take you right the the facebook group page.

Thank you everyone for all the love and support for my beautiful wife. She has worked herself into a sleep coma right now. Yup... at 6:40pm EST. She'll wake up soon and probably be up until 2am editing because that's how she is, but for now... she's out like a light. I'm going to go wake her up so we can watch a movie :) lol shhhhh... "it must have been one of the dogs." Wink wink. HAHA

Good night!!

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