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A Friendly Reminder to Everyone Participating in the SwagBag Giveaway

As I'm sure you're aware, the new giveaway for the Swag Bags from GenBeauty and BeautyCon has started. If you're not aware, watch the video below and get entered! We have already started having entries come in.

The bad news is we're already having mistakes happen with those entries. Tanya has included the steps both in the video itself and in the description below it. The top three mistakes we see are as follows:

The number one mistake bar none is not including a mailing address. There needs to be a mailing address (Street address, NOT email address) included in your email along with the screen shots.

The second most common mistake is not sharing. Everything else has been met but there is no screenshot of a share. Or, there is a screen shot of a share that hasn't been shared yet. Meaning, that person could hit cancel and not actually share it after they send the screenshots to us. 

The third most common mistake is doing all of this in a comment instead of an email.

I implore you all, please take a second to make sure none of these mistakes are you. We hate disqualifying anyone. Honestly, that's not fun at all. Please go back and make sure you have everything included that you need to have included. We will try to email back people missing things but then we are left just hoping that we get a reply in time. If not, we just won't include you in the drawing. For everyone's convenience, here are the steps again. 


1) Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

2) Share my channel on Facebook

3) Take 2 screenshots - one showing that you have subscribed and one showing that you have shared the channel

4) Email me at - attached the screenshots!

5) Your Mailing Address

6) List the priority of swag bags For Additional Entries (or if you do not have Facebook):

7) Follow me on Instagram (tfeifel_rhodes)

8) Follow me on Snapchat (tfeifel-rhodes)

9) Like my Professional Facebook Page (

10) Follow me on Twitter (tfeifel_rhodes)

Lastly, the contest will end September 8th at 11:59pm EST time. And this one is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY!!!


If you login or add your email address, you will get alerts when people reply to your comments, including us!


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