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How To Apply False Lashes!!

Here is an in-depth & step-by-step tutorial on how to apply false lashes, with my tips & tricks, from my own learning experience! I hope this helps! XOXO!

  • Start by lining your lash line black and tight-lining

  • Apply a coat of mascara – add mascara with cheaper falsies or if you need it to help blend. But when you’re working with $25 lashes, I never re-coat them because you lose the longevity of the 20-25 wear uses

  • When looking down at the case, right eye goes with right

  • Measure the lashes to fit your eye shape & cut from the outside!

  • You are actually better to cut too short if there is an accident on length to be made because too long will irritate the crap out of your eyes

  • House of Lashes glue seems to be the best out of that, Velour lash, & Duo

  • Start with a clear lash band – black bands are WAY more stiff and difficult to work with

  • You can cut the lashes into halves or thirds – but start by applying the pieces from the inner corner

  • Wrap the lashes around a brush, pen, whatever

  • Apply a light layer of glue but enough to cover the entire band

  • Let it sit for AT LEAST 1 minute – I usually do about a minute and a half

  • Trial and error – some people find it easier to look down, I like to look fairly straight on

  • You want to get it as close to the lash line as possible, placing it in the middle, then breathe for a second. Maneuver the inside corner and then the outside corner

  • You should use the lash tool but I use tweezers

  • Coat the lashband with liquid liner when you’re done

  • Carry glue and twizzers with you because you never know when an inner corner might pop up!

  • It is SUCH a learning curve and beyond frustrating. Do not give up. It took me 4 or 5 months to get and I still struggle from time to time.

  • Don’t start by applying them to any kind of glitter or sparkle look

  • Take care and store them, lightly take off glue, I gently pull mine off

  • You can look down on a table, have the mirror flat or a shorter vanity mirror, so that you can have both arms/elbows resting on the table for more steady hands

  • Start with less dramatic lashes

  • You want a clear glue because black can easily turn into a disaster


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