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New Logo, New Store, New Updates!!

Hey everyone! I have an exciting update. At least it is for ME! Kurt has been hard at work again and has designed the new logo. You may have seen it already if you have been to the site. I absolutely LOVE IT and we hope you do too.

Being as OCD as he is and an EXTREME perfectionist, LONG PAST "to a fault," he also created a small icon for when we need to add a logo but don't have the room for the huge one. Yes, he's ridiculous but he's SO GOOD AT IT! lol Love you, babe! Because I know you're reading this ;) lol.

There have also been a few more site changes, too. Yes, all Kurt again. He's been busy! He's added a store. YES, a store! When you click on "Store" in the top navigation bar, you have two options. One of them is "The Pink Inc. Store" and the other is "The Amazon Store." The Pink Inc. store is where I share my wholesale hook ups with you guys. If I can get a phenomenal deal on something that is Beauty related, I use the bargaining power of a Tax ID number, get the wholesale pricing, pick what's best/competitive and put it on the store.

Some of the categories I have are cologne, perfume, and skincare. These are drop shipped to you from a different location so I can't customize the packaging as much as I'd like to. lol I go pretty crazy with that stuff. Hey, one day I can just buy a ton in bulk and have it all sitting at the office to go out, right? Just not yet. HANG IN THERE!

You'll also see that I added a "Pre-Owned Fashion" section. I have lots of clothing and shoes that are in GREAT condition that I just don't wear anymore. Some of them I've never even worn but they either don't fit anymore or are from high school and I am getting a little too old for them. Lots of name brands like BeBe, Nicole Miller, Christian Louboutin, etc. Kurt is the one adding them and he's trying to get them up as quickly as possible but, again, he's super busy, so please bare with us. These are all 100% authentic. Of course ! You know me! No fake stuff here. lol These will ship from me, packaged by me, likely shipped by Kurt (poor guy) and sent directly to you.

The Amazon store is our Affiliate Store link. You just click on that and you shop Amazon as you always have and always do. The difference is when you make purchases through Amazon by clicking on that our link first, we get a small, and I mean SMALL, kickback. However, that helps us dramatically over time. As I'm such a fledgling YouTuber in the infancy of what I hope is something big, it is far from big at the moment and we literally lose thousands every month on this endeavour. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I love it! It's just nice to recoup some of that sometimes. lol

Thank you to all of you for being a part of this exciting and, at times, somewhat scary journey I'm on. I can't thank you all enough for watching, commenting, and sharing my videos. Not to mention supporting me chase a life dream and being my friends in the process. I can't wait to meet as many of you as possible in the future and I look forward to the first, Hope, in Brooklyn next month!! What??!??! SO EXCITING!!

I hope you have all had a great weekend and you're wrapping it up nicely relaxed and with loved ones.

Love you all!! xoxo


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