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15 Amazing Stories of True Animal Heroes Saving People from Certain Death

Everyone knows that animals are capable of receiving love and affection, and that there are countless stories of them being rescued from shelters or dire situations by compassionate humans. But in these cases, we’re highlighting the fact that they’re also capable of returning the favor by showing bravery and rescuing humans in extraordinary ways.

They’re modest. They act without craving recognition or awards and they just return to their normal everyday activities as soon as the feat is accomplished — eating, rolling around in the dirt, and just generally enjoying life.

Winnie the Wonder Cat

“Winnie the Wonder Cat” sprang into action when the house filled with carbon monoxide. The mother says Winnie started meowing and scratching her to get her to wake up. When she did, she was barely able to call 911 and delusional when the police arrived.

Winnie’s owner said “If it wasn’t for Winnie, screaming and hollering and carrying on, we wouldn’t be here today.”

The family thinks the carbon monoxide came from a broken gas powered sump pump in their basement, and officials said if the cat had waited another 5 minutes, the outcome would have been horrible and most likely a coroner case instead.

Khan the Doberman

Khan, a rescued Doberman Pinscher, was at his new home for just four days before he repaid his owners’ kindness by saving their 17-month-old daughter Charlotte from a deadly snake attack.

Charlotte was playing in the garden of her family’s home when Khan, began to snarl. A king brown snake — one of the world’s most venomous — was under the house. Khan tried to nudge the toddler away, but when she didn’t move, he picked her up by her diaper and gently tossed her a few feet behind him.

The movement startled the snake, which lunged and bit Khan on the paw, but after receiving medical help, the heroic Doberman made a full recovery.


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