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Lit Cosmetics - No Glitter, No Glory!

OMG! Where do I even begin??!!? I guess, first off, I can honestly say that I have NEVER been more excited about a company in my entire life!! Lit Cosmetics is OUTSTANDING! I fell in love with them just a couple of weeks ago when I first discovered them. Let me tell you, there has been NO looking back!

Even just how our paths crossed was serendipitous. One of my best friends told me that I had to start watching YouTube personality Jaclyn Hill (this was this past June). I had never been big on YouTube in general, watching or posting, but I took her word for it and looked her up. If I wrote a book about it, it might have the title, The Birth of an Addiction. How so you ask? Omg, pull up a chair.

I started watching Jaclyn Hill and absolutely LOVE her! I still watch her to this day and can't imagine ever stopping. But Jaclyn was just the beginning! This led me to another YouTuber named MannyMUA and I quickly became a "Mannyac" as his followers call themselves. While watching him, he BRIEFLY mentioned the company "Beautylish." Naturally I HAD TO go look up this company. After all, they sell makeup and beauty products. Duh. And thus began the purchases.

My very first purchase from Beautylish included over 10 Lit Cosmetic glitters! I was that confident in the product just by looking at images. When my package arrived, I squealed like a little girl. Yes, at 30-years-old I squealed. But then again, as my husband would say, I always do. What can I say?? Sparkles, makeup, glitter, diamonds, and beautiful things just make me squeal! lol I love them!

Anyway, as I opened up each of the beautifully packaged glitters, I became mesmerized by their glimmering, glistening, shimmery dance off they seemed to be having. I kid you not. I was in awe at the level of gorgeousness in a jar - the intensity, the sparkle, the fire, the colour, the quality. Everything was just on another level and I had never experienced anything like this in the makeup world. Or even children's arts and crafts for that matter. I felt like I was looking at crushed diamonds that were coloured! I just couldn't believe that this was a product that I could apply to my eyes (and lips, body, or anywhere on my face). It didn't seem like real-life.

It's what you would imagine Tinkerbell would fly around with as she spreads her fairy dust in fairytales. But, no! This beauty was sitting on my countertop. Obviously, I dove at the chance to get some of these glitters on my eyes and see how they would apply and appear once actually ON my skin. And O. M. G. Just WOW!!! They applied SO easily and were a dream to work with. The finished product just left me speechless.

Later, when I found that Lit Cosmetics was going to be a vendor at IMATS in Toronto, there was no decision to make. The only question was, "How do I pull this off?" Well, I did it, and my wallet knows it! It was so worth it, though!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Amazing! I was standing at the booth like...

I didn't want to leave!! I could have stayed there all day! I was in glitter heaven and smiling from ear to ear. I can't begin to explain the feeling that I get when I'm around glittery things! To help illustrate, here's Will Smith...

You get the point. I can't help but be beyond overjoyed, which doesn't even begin to describe it. I don't think that anyone can be in a bad mood when surrounded by these glitters. They bring you to such a happy place and make everything right. It's just like living in this fairytale with big, pink, fluffy hearts, candy everywhere, love, sparkles, and happiness. Kind of like Princess Unikitty in Cloud Cuckoo for you Lego Movie fans out there. lol I know this sounds over the top, but once you experience it, you'll totally get what I'm saying. I just want to sprinkle some of this "fairy dust" over all of you so you can live this fairytale Lit brought to life! I'm telling you, they dropped the mic after they introduced their glitter to the cosmetic industry!

If you're interested in learning more about the company, here is a little something from their website:

About Lit

Lit Cosmetics is here to SPARKLE THE WORLD by offering the largest selection of glitter products sold in the market today. Being associated with companies like Sephora, Cirque du Soleil, Beautylish, and consecutively receiving the "Editors Choice Award" by Temptalia, proves that we are serious about quality and product performance. Through pride, passion, and persistence our aim is to put the fun & creativity back into the art of Cosmetics. Lit's mission is to change the way people wear makeup, one sparkle at a time. NO GLITTER NO GLORY.


The idea for Lit started back in 2001 when Jodie Perks, the brain child behind Lit Cosmetics, began slinging drinks in the hottest clubs across the city of Calgary. Having always been a fan of fun makeup and all things that go "bling, bling" is why this glitter line was BORN, and this is how it happened.

After shopping around, Jodie was surprised to see that there were no decent glitter products to be found, so she knew it was time to take these “glitter matters” into her own hands. Long hours turning into weeks, then into months of testing in her top secret “glitter dungeon,” evaluating all the pros and cons, she exposed a number of flaws; the most obvious being the application process, comfort, and staying power.

With time and determination, Jodie developed a whole new application method that stays in place, is comfortable, and keeps the brilliant glitter shine. Since 2002, Lit Cosmetics is now not only a bar-star product, but has grown into a makeup that can be worn by anyone of any age at anytime. And that’s how Lit was born!


"No glitter, no glory" is our motto. Fun, yet true. Lit simply specializes in glitter/loose color makeup which is known as = "glitterology" (the science of glitter). With our liquid adhesive now perfected, we have broken down our loose color into 4 different sizes and 4 different varieties.

Remember: There are no rules when it comes to Lit! From a single color highlighter to having a 10 shade blend over your shadows - we dare you. Let the fun begin, and your creativity soar!


Other than wanting to "glitter the world" it has always been our dream to change the way people perceive or think about glitter makeup. Our vision was to create a good quality, sexy new makeup line unlike any other, that was fun, exciting, easy to use, and suitable for everyone. Whether it's a day at the office or a special night out, glitter is the perfect compliment to your look. Get noticed, get confident - get Lit!


Hello fellow Lit Chicks (and we can't forget about those Lit Dudes out there), it is now time to have fun and be creative with your makeup, accessories, and style, and to realize that girls just want to have fun (as Cyndi Lauper preached to us in the 80's). We've all finally come to the realization that indeed life is way too short to be boring or to simply be bored. Don't be one of those girls who says, "Oh, that looks great on her but I could never pull it off." You know who you are - break though and be bold, be beautiful!

This next bit of information may sound a little odd but it's true: glitter is good for the soul! Something happens when you add a little glitter to your day. It gives you a smile a good energy and simply pumps you up and makes you feel glam, bam, thank you ma'am!

So give Lit Cosmetics a try and enjoy everything you get out of it. My final piece of advice for you is to stay young and try not to take things so seriously all the time. So “Get Lit” and always remember, "No Glitter, No Glory!"



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