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My Law School Graduation Ceremony!


This is a video of me getting ready for the big day! The morning went far from "as planned" but in such a way that it couldn't be more memorable. Thanks to my friends Darcie from Darcie L Makeup and Allison (#glammedbyallison), I was not only able to get myself all ​glammed up but also my step daughters, Paris and Brooklyn! You can check out their video right here, too.

Of course, both videos can also be viewed on my channel on YouTube. My sister was kind enough to take a bunch of photos while we were getting ready. You'll see here in the videos walking around with her camera. I don't have those pictures yet but she did send me just one.

As you can see, she's pretty talented! I'm so glad she was willing to help me out! Thank you, Nikita! I So now I can call myself a Juris Doctor. Unfortunately, not "lawyer" yet. I'm still working on that one, however, I can definitely say and MEAN, "I'm SO glad law school is over!" It's hard to believe that after all that hard work, all the road blocks, the uphill battles, moving twice, a divorce, EVERYTHING, I get "a piece of paper." And yet somehow ... it's all still worth it :)

While I'm far from done, I'm going to enjoy this feel for a little while longer and then get ready for the next leg of the journey as this is a journey with quite a few legs. Sometimes it feels like a centipede mocking me! lol

To those of you that have been so supportive along the way, I can't thank you enough. Often your support and kind words were "make or break" for me. While my own stubbornness didn't hurt either, there were some moments there where I needed some extra help.

An EXTRA SPECIAL thank you from the bottom of my heart to husband, my mom, my dad, and just my family in general. I know you are all just as glad it's over as I am.

On that note, enjoy the videos, guys!


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