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Loving Tan - THE Most Incredible Self Tanning Product

​LOVING TAN DISCOUNT CODE "tanyafeifel" to receive a free applicator mitt!!!

They offer:

- 2 hour Mousse Express Formula in colors Medium and Dark;

- Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Medium, Dark, and Ultra Dark;

- Bronze Shimmers in Medium, Dark, and Ultra Dark;

- Accessories

They have several in-depth details on how to apply the different products, including prior to tanning, during tanning, and after tanning.

Loving Tan is honestly the most incredible tanning product that I have ever used - and I have tried SO many!! It never leaves you orange or streaky, it has NO icky self-tanning smell, it doesn't come off in a blotchy way, it is so easy to apply, it's all natural, and it even beats out brands like Dior. You get the beautiful, healthy looking skin of having a tan, without the harmful effects of tanning or applying chemicals to your skin. You easily apply it at home and there is no color transfer to your clothing or bed sheets. I can't believe a product like this exists. It is truly incredible and I will never try another self-tanning product again. This one is pure perfection!

From Their Site:


Hi there and thanks for stopping by :)

In case you haven't heard, we take tanning pretty seriously. We were so tired of missing spray tan appointments (due to working late etc) then having to resort to DIY tanning resulting in patchy orange legs! We wondered why someone hadn't made a self tan that was super easy to apply with a guide color and a nice deep brown resulting tan? Surely there where other frustrated women out there like us ....

So we set out on a mission to create a brown tan that only required one layer that you could apply at home. Our dream tan had to:

  • be easily applied at home (no more Thursdays driving around in the rain + perfect for traveling).

  • have a guide color (goodbye streaks!)

  • only require one layer (we certainly didn't have time to tan for 3 nights in a row!)

  • natural olive brown tone (no oompa loompha here, thanks).

Not only was the color paramount, but so was the quality of ingredients. We made sure that the products were all naturally derived and hydrating on the skin (which in turn would make the tan last longer).

No matter how time poor you are, its so simple to achieve a natural, flawless glow in just one layer. Tanning is our passion and we would only ever sell products that we would personally use ourselves.

We hope you enjoy Loving Tan as much as we do!

Much love,

The Loving Tan Family



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