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Dr. Brandt - Magnetight Face Mask

See my video here

This mask is so amazing! It is innovative, creamy, smells incredible, and leaves the skin uber hydrated. I absolutely loved it and will be purchasing this! It was a little time consuming to take off, but the results were great. I've never felt so hydrated after removing a mask! It is definitely a skin-recharging mask. My face was more plump and noticeably more healthy. It just leaves such a nice glow and so much hydration. I have normal skin and saw huge benefits. It is one of my favorite masks ever. I can't even imagine the benefits this would have for someone with dry skin or damaged skin from the weather (sun, wind, cold).

Their Description:

Revolutionary magnetized mask counteracts the effects of stress and environmental damage that result in a look of premature aging. Through electromagnetic interactions, skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself is significantly enhanced for a younger and more vibrant appearance.

  • Iron-based powder formula is activated by magnetic particles

  • Purifies the skin

  • Skin feels tighter over time

  • The look of stressed skin is lifted away

On Sephora:

MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier is a powerful age-defying facial mask that dramatically transforms the look of your skin by harnessing the power of attraction. The magnetic properties of the iron based formula and magnet help to reduce signs of aging skin and reduce the appearance of stressed skin. Skin is left looking magnetically youthful and energized.

Solutions for: - Fine lines and wrinkles - Loss of firmness and elasticity - Dullness and uneven texture



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