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Beautylish - Such an Exceptional Company

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I instantly fell in love with Beautylish. Their customer service is like no other. Each box is so personalized and packaged with care. You can tell that Beautylish is a small team of dedicated people, working hard, and with love to deliver the best customer service available. They send text updates and check-ins, you get signed packages and notes, you get an email from the CEO, and you can even make your payments over three months! There are so many incredible brands to choose from and such amazing products. You even get free 2-day shipping with orders over $35! I wish I would have discovered them sooner but I'm so happy that I have now! They deserve so much support and such recognition because this company isn't just another massive company pumping out products. They truly care and it shows it every detail.

Their Story (from their site):

Beautylish was founded in the fall of 2010 with a simple purpose—to create a community where beauty lovers could share their collective beauty wisdom. People loved it, and our community grew to hundreds of thousands in a few short months.

Beautylish rapidly became a valuable resource for the discovery of beauty products. Yet the experience felt noticeably incomplete because we weren't able to assist our members in purchasing the amazing products they loved. This led us to launch our own online boutique in 2012.

We feel that the world is not short of beauty products, stores, or stories, but somewhere along the way, it became short of specialness. Beautylish exists to find exceptional products, tell the inspiring stories behind them, and deliver them with thoughtfulness. We believe an amazing customer experience is driven by a personal relationship with our customers.

We are still in the early part of our journey. There are so many more stories to tell and relationships to build. We hope that you join us as our story unfolds.


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