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Giveaways! How to get YOUR Goodie Bag

Hey, everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm officially starting the giveaways as promised. See how to qualify below, click here, or watch the video above.

For women, the "goodies" include Skin Care products, Hair Care products, Makeup, Perfume, Cosmetic Bags, or a Combination of the Above. For me, I only have Pre-Workout Supplements but I have a lot of them!

Thank you all so much for the love and support. While I can't give you ALL something as I just don't have the quantities and it's first come first serve, if you don't get something, please know I REALLY DO appreciate you. Thanks again! Xoxo!


1) Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

2) Share my channel on Facebook

3) Take 2 screenshots - one showing that you have subscribed and one showing that you have shared the channel

4) Email me at - attached the screenshots, put in the subject what gift bag goodies you would like to receive, and write if you would like to remain anonymous.


If you login or add your email address, you will get alerts when people reply to your comments, including us!


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