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Animal Lovers, UNITE! A Call for Help Toward a Great Cause

A friend of mine, fellow animal lover, talented 4th Generation Furniture Artisan, and overall wonderful human being, has found herself in a bit of a predicament. Angus, her 4 legged fur baby doberman, had an ear infection this past March that has lead to a barrage of vet trips, blood work, and films since. Now he's left with a head tilt, unsteady legs, and on his bad days can't run or even walk normally without wiping out.

The next step is to conduct imaging, first a CT Scan & if that doesn't show anything, an MRI. The regular DVM doesn't think it's neurological but both think that it's an inner or middle ear infection that will likely require draining and tubes to be put in. The first bit of imaging is going to run approximately $2000.00, and that is just the diagnostics, not the treatment. The worst of it is, it has to be paid up front.

So, why the post? Well, my fun, friendly, creative, sweetheart friend has created and is selling dog bookmarks that are just 1.95 each, and again, the proceeds of which go to a wonderful cause, Angus. You can purchase them conveniently on Etsy, here. If you are not able to give, I completely understand. I just ask that you please share this on your Facebook as someone else you know may desperately want to purchase and help.

As I stated above, she's also a very talented, 4th Generation Furniture Artisan. You may have seen her listed on the Great Michigan Businesses page. I have bought tons of furniture from her and I can't tell you how much I love it. She's so talented and it's top quality, unique, and head turning stuff. If you're in the market for new furniture, I urge you to take a look at her site here. Your money would also be going to an excellent cause.She also has a website for her day job. As I stated above, she's a very talented 4th Generation Furniture Artisan. You may have seen her listed on my

This is an update about Angus from Angelina as of 7/31:

"I've been getting lots of emails, phone calls and texts that I can't keep up with, thank you❤️. Awesome how many animal loving friends I have.

Angus has declined a bit since yesterday, and is even more snotty, than most days prior. He evidently has lots of nasal goop, he's been coughing and sneezing a lot of it out today. Not sure if it's the anti fungal doing its job? Will be calling the regular DVM in the morning.

I've had lots of you suggest a gofundme page. It's an awesome thought, but it's not something I can bring myself to do. So for those of you that have suggested that, you provoked an idea, so thank you very much. These bookmarks (I have roughly a quarter of a million), are from my studio days. I've decided to put them up on etsy :) Hoping they can generate enough funds to at least assist with some of the costs for Angus' care. I will post more in the next day or three. Thank you all for all your loving support❤️."

Thank you all for your support, and if he could, Angus would thank you, too :)


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