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The Site is LIVE!

While the site is now active, it is sadly not complete. Technically, it never will be I suppose as I'll always be adding to it but the "under construction" heading will stay until every tab has a fully functional landing. I wanted to launch now as so many links are actually active already and, let's be honest, it can't hurt.

As it's live, I definitely want to take the time to thank everyone that made this possible, mainly my husband, Kurt. He built this site for me in his "spare time" so that I could have one place for everything that I want to share with the world, whether it be about my life, animals, entertainment, fashion, makeup, health, etc.

Also, as I'm sure those from my home town are well aware, there is just a tiny bit of gossip about me floating around out there. This page is where I'm going to set all of that gossip straight. I don't intend to do battle here. I am merely stating that I will gladly, and even proactively, clear some of the rumors up. Though, some I will definitely leave as they are down right hilarious. In truth, I'm flattered that you'd even care to discuss what I'm doing or what you heard, whether positive or negative. After all, you can discuss anyone out there at all and here you are choosing to discuss me. I honestly get a kick out of most of the innacuracies. I'd be lying if I said none of them were disturbing, but for the most part, it's flattering.

Anyway, if any of you have questions about anything in particular, please feel free to ask from the contact page. That way we can head off any gossip that may appear down the road. While, I would be glad to answer most things, obviously, some things are private and I intend to keep them that way.

I hope that you check back from time to time and watch this baby of mine unfold. What is up on the site now may not interest you but there will be many things to come from all sorts of sources: Recipies, health and fitness tips, articles and info on relationships and romance, entertainment, and much much more. I really appreciate you all, sincerely, and I hope this site impacts your life in the most positive way possible.

With love (and of course glitter),

Tanya XOXO


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