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"So, how did this thing get to look this way, anyway? What's her thing with butterflies? Who is IKANDY? Did she design it? What the heck??"


Those are all good questions. The only thing that was my idea was "pink." I bought it white, but I wanted it pink, so I took it to a local guy in the Sault, Al Proulx, an extremely talented artist and painter, and asked him to put as much pink on it as possible. That was the extent of my instruction. The rest of the creativity was all him. When complete, Al likes to name his work, and because it was a kandy paint job, he asked me if he could call it IKANDY. Naturally I said, "yes!" I loved it.


So, what's up with the butterfly? To be honest, I don't now. It's not like I had this crazy thing for butterflies at the time it was painted or anything. I mean, sure, they're beautiful, but I didn't love them to some level where I thought, "I'm going to turn my car into a giant pink butterfly!" lol Regardless, whenI finally got to see it, I loved it and, in hindsight, it worked out perfectly. Fast forward seven years, and it's how I met my husband and why I'm in such a great place in my life right now. Kurt saw me getting out of it in a parking lot on my law school campus, and the rest, as they say, was history. So, I guess, in the end, come to find out I do have a thing for butterflies. In fact, the butterfly thing has evolved since I met Kurt, and today butterflies are very much an inside thing with us. We have a saying, "because butterflies." It simply refers to the butterfly effect and its serendipitous tickle of fate. If you are unfamiliar with the butterfly effect, you can read about it here, but to think the way the butterfly effect had to play out perfectly for us to even meet each other, let alone marry, is quite remarkable. 


Lastly, to those of you finding yourselves wondering why I'm holding the award upside down in the picture below, I was excited. lol It was my first car show, and I placed in the top 40. I had no idea I was holding it upside down


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