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A HUGE congratulations to the four winners of the Holiday Giveaway!! If you don't know already, they are as follows:


  1. Vanessa C (you wrote just Vanessa)

  2. Lisa June

  3. Krystal Kerns

  4. Abigail Beers


Please email me at with the order of your preferences. Once again, the choices are:

  1. Beautycon Swag Bag

  2. BoxyCharm

  3. BH Cosmetics

  4. Dose of Colors

I SO appreciate everyone's support, time, and participation. As usual, I loved seeing where everyone was from! You guys asked a bunch of great questions. I'll be sure to get to an Answer Video as soon as possible. If you haven't won one yet, don't worry, there will be plenty more chances! #ShareTheLove 

For those of you that don't know, I have giveaways pretty regularly. If you're curious how these giveaways work, what the qualification/entry process entails, and how to get your hands on these free goodies, subscribe to my channel, and turn on your alerts so you know when the next giveaway video gets uploaded! If at any point you have some feedback, suggestions, or input of any kind, I'd love to hear it all. I've gotten some great feedback and ideas already, and it's been wonderful to hear. Thank you, everyone for your suggestions.

In the meantime...

Become a Fawn

& turn those alerts on!

fawn family across the fawns with Tanya
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