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You don't need me to tell you that life has changed SIGNIFICANTLY in the past few weeks. I even find myself slightly lost in the plot of whatever it is we're watching on TV because I'm so mesmerized by the little things I overlooked before that are going on on the TV: this scene is outside, they just shook hands, that crowd isn't social distancing.... Starbucks is open (that last one is particularly painful for me). It's just crazy how we have 180'd. That being said, there are some good things about it too: life has slowed down dramatically - I can breathe again, I've spoken to people I haven't talked to in MONTHS, I feel like I'm seeing things more clearly now, and I have done TONS of cleaning that SO needed to be done. There are definitely two sides to this coin. 

The fawn family, while still small considering there are 4 billion active users on YouTube a day, is still pretty large for a circle, and despite it's global footprint, there are very few countries spared from this epidemic leaving most, if not all, of the fawn family affected by it. I have built this page as another avenue for us to talk about what's going on, share stories, and check in with one another. Social media can be pretty toxic right now, and you can be on one page looking at puppies one minute and the next be inundated with apocalyptic imagery and doomsday cries. I chose to do this on the site because here it's about the fawn family and the people in it without any of those interruptions.

Sound off below. We would love to hear from you all. In the meantime, everyone stay safe out there! 

Please note: some people have left their status updates in the blog post comments instead of here. I have copied and pasted them below so they are all in one location for everyone's convenience. That way, if you are wondering if someone is okay, you can check just come here to look for their update.

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