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What is consent?

If you're not sure, that's okay. However, it is not okay to not know and refuse to educate yourself about it. A great resource to learn more about what consent really is can be found here, but this  short video is not just entertaining, it's a great place to start and is likely enough to clear it up perfectly forever. To get started, just imagine instead of consent being about initiating sex, imagine it about making someone a cup of tea, then hit play. Also, just so you parents out there now, I, personally, would consider this video suitable for dating aged children, including preteens (level of maturity to be considered) and is probably a great idea to have them watch it through to the end. Of course, prescreen it for yourselves and make up your own minds, but it's something to think about. And speaking of consent, we don't just want to make sure we have it, we also want to make sure we give it where it's due. This video is not ours and full credit and consent is given to

This was written underneath this video on YouTube: The animation is courtesy of Emmeline May at and Blue Seat Studios. Copyright © 2015 RockStarDinosaurPiratePrincess and Blue Seat Studios. Images are Copyright ©2015 Blue Seat Studios. - See more at:

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