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Tanya Update: Brief & Probably Unfulfilling

Not much to say. I just didn't want to leave everyone in the dark. We've had quite a few inquiries, so I think there are likely more of you out there that would like an update, and I don't want to be the guy failing miserably at delivery.

Not that I'm lucky enough to have just ONE job, but you get the point. If Tanya was a selfie girl, this is what you'd be looking at...

...about every 3 hours. A good day has a couple of these

and a rip roaring success is

yeah... utensils ISH...

She also got to explore an area of fashion she never knew anything about.

During her more lucid moments, she is doing an outstanding job of relaying her feelings. Like... how she feels about all the products piling up that she needs to film

Then she remembers the giveaway winnings she needs to box up.

At first I would try to say something optimistic, but all that did was lead to a look where there is no need to "guess" what she's thinking

Now I just.

You can see her gears spinning like she's internally hyping herself up like "today is the day!" While she might think it looks like

It's much more like this

... and ... then... she's gone again.

Honestly, that's pretty much EXACTLY how it has been. She's going to get up one day and be like, "Uhhhh... March??

"April? Is that you??"

Not only is she

but she also can't lift more than 10 pounds right now.

That, combined with the current state of her "storage area"

I can't even offer to help. I wouldn't know where to begin to get anything done. I may have more than one job, but THAT is not one of them.

So, I guess... until she's out of hibernation

... sit tight, folks, and please accept our apologies.

It's just a slow recovery with a few complications. Nothing her amazing medical team hasn't been able to handle.

All the meds she is taking for RA, insomnia, anxiety, etc aren't helping that at all. Her healing process is just a smidge slower than most.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having one amazing week after the next.


Til next time...


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