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Where's Tanya? Episode 12 "ish"... & Counting...

I'm typing this from the University of Michigan hospital right now. I say that to emphasize just how suddenly all of this exploded. That being said, this isn't CNN, so I'm not going to play up the drama simply for the sake of drama. lol She's...


Let's get that out there immediately.

Tanya had a biopsy a few weeks back. It came back okay, but coupled with her symptoms and failed attempts at treating them through other means, the hospital has decided to rush her to surgery for a hysterectomy, with the added precaution of removing her fallopian tubes and her cervix to make sure to thwart their suspicions of cancer. Just to be clear, that makes "it" 100% handled. Well, as 100% as ANYTHING is 100% I suppose. So, as I did, take a moment...

The bad news is that this is understandably taking a whole lot of time out of her days and will obviously have post surgery down time as well. The surgery itself is 4 hours. This will be the longest she's ever been under anesthetic. Needless to say, she's handling it well

She has three videos to edit, which she'll be able to do during her downtime but hasn't had a chance as of yet as we have metaphorically merged onto the highway over the last week. With her health history, they have had lots of prep appointments just to dot every i and cross ever t, to which I give a hardy...

Or "handled" more maturely and delivered with less chewing... (i.e. #lame)

But you get the point - they are awesome here!

If you are a recent winner of a giveaway (don't worry, you/they will be emailed too), this is the reason for the delay in shipping. It is coming. You are not forgotten.

You know full well you're going to get a full debriefing of what happened, why, what lead to it, the results, and likely in true Tanya fashion...

Totally joking...

She's SO going to be proof reading this like

administer sanctions

remind me of her title

... sorry... titleS

with emphasis

remove the "problem"


Anyway... the point is... there's been an update to your "flight" status.

Please make yourself at home


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