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Update: Where Is Tanya??!?

I just wanted to take a minute to update everyone as to what is going on. I'd like to start by first apologizing that it has taken this long to get this out to you all. We didn't actually realize how long it had been until just now - like JUST now. The days are just blending together, and they most definitely got away from us. It just dawned on me, "Omg... we haven't updated anyone as to what is goin on." So, I asked, "Did you do a blog post? IG? Snap? Anything?" We both shared a jaw dropped moment,

...and I broke out the computer.

Now, don't get me wrong, Tanya's OCD has been poking her in the side since her last video to get out there and film again. The plan was actually to start again today. Unfortunately, that excitement to get back at it was quickly thwarted with pain, but there is finally good news on that topic. We officially have light at the end of the tunnel with her "condition." So, we are very grateful for that.

Things with the "other front" of the business are going well. Sadly, there is no time frame AT ALL that we can hang our hats on, but it is going "well" for those of you that like updates, no matter how vague. It's REALLY exciting, rewarding, and flat out fun to be able to do all the "things" that we're doing. It's also TOTALLY exhausting, somewhat stressful, and painstakingly never ending, but in short, we're loving it.

Tanya sends her love, is dying to tell you all about EVERYTHING (though she knows she can't yet), and is chomping at the bit to get back to filming. While today appears to be lost, the new plan is to film Friday. You'll likely see a video Saturday. Lastly, to all the giveaway winners, all the packages have been shipped out. For those of you international, you are at the mercy of your borders now. Not to quote "The Purge," but "May God be with you all."

So for now, to all of you amazing people, "your mission, should you choose to accept it," is catch THIS!


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