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Places I've been.png

These are all the places that I have traveled to. If you would like to see specific location pictures only, you can see different albums on my facebook page. Some places have multiple albums, most have just one, and a few have none like Prague for instance. I was 17 and 18 years old the two times I went, and I had disposable cameras, got them printed, but never got around to making digital copies. I need to get on that. 

Anyway, if you love to travel, I'm sure you'll enjoy these. I love looking at pictures of new places! I also have so many more places that I want to visit. As they happen, I'll post them here. 

St. Lucia – Jade Mountain


St Martin & St Maarten












Turks and Caicos


St Thomas


San Juan, Puerto Rico


Mykonos, Greece


Monte Carlo and Nice Monaco/South of France


Istanbul, Turkey


Kusadasi, Turkey


Helsinki, Finland


Gothemburg, Sweden


Sweden, Stockholm


St Petersburg, Russia


London, England


Copenhagen, Denmark


Tallinn, Estonia

Calgary, Alberta

Vancouver, British Columbia


Toronto, Ontario


Ottawa, Ontario


Florida – Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale,

 Palm Beach, Key West

Charleston, South Carolina


Prague, Czech Republic


Tuscany, Italy


Venice, Italy


Rome, Italy


Florence, Italy


Naples, Italy


Barcelona, Spain


Athens, Greece


Las Vegas, Nevada


Arizona – Grand Canyon




Hawaii – all islands


Nashville, TN


Cruises: Royal Caribbean, Princess, Disney






Los Angeles, California


New Jersey

Here are a few snapshots from some of these albums

These are all the places that I have traveled to. Unfortunately, as you are on a mobile browser, you won't see albums here due to the complexity of making it mobile friendly. On desktop and tablet (iPad anyway) you will see links to my Facebook albums located on my personal page.


I hope to change this in the future to incorporate mobile browsers, but, right now, I'm sinking my efforts into developing the rest of the site first. Sorry for any inconvenience.


There are, however, some miscellaneous pictures from the albums below the list. For the rest of the pics, you can go to a non-mobile browser, check out my personal Facebook page, or keep checking back! Thank you!

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